Celebrate Valentine's Day this year by celebrating yourself!

Celebrate Valentine's Day this year by celebrating yourself!

Whether you’re with someone or not – put yourself first. You will be glad you did! 

We asked the team here at YR Head Office for a few of the things they do to ‘celebrate me’.  

Here are just a few of our favourite ideas to make the most of the day by putting yourself first: 

  1. Treat yourself to something special: Buy yourself a gift (it doesn’t have to cost much money – just something that brings you joy), or take a moment to indulge in your favourite activity (why not choose your favourite OnDemand reformer class from the YR app)  
  1. Connect with friends or loved ones: Reach out to someone you’ve not spoken to for a while. Not only will this make you feel great with the reconnection, but you’ll also touch someone else's life!  
  1. Practice self-care: Take time to focus on yourself, try a new self-care routine or treat yourself to a spa day (or try one of the new classes on the YR app!) 
  1. Volunteer or give back to others: Use the holiday as an opportunity to make a positive impact in your community 
  1. Reflect and set intentions: Take some time to reflect on your life, set intentions for the future and focus on what makes you happy 

Remember, Valentine's Day is about showing love and affection to those you care about, including yourself.