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Virtual Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your business with our digital suite of reformer pilates solutions.

Custom built software to revolutionise class planning, access to a 550+ strong library of expert-led reformer classes, amplified through visual delivery to enhance the end users experience.

Solutions for 24/7 reformer, virtual classes and class planning for instructors.

Offer personalised 1-to-1 classes on demand


Introduce cutting-edge reformer Pilates classes to your business - the perfect solution requiring minimal floor space or footprint. Deliver exclusive on-demand workouts to your members anytime with the potential to turn your studio 24-7.

Personalised User Experience

550+ classes

Usage Tracking & Insights

Bluetooth headphones connectivity

21.5 inch tablet

stand or wall mounted

Increase Studio Efficiency with Virtual Classes


Designed to complement your instructor-led studio, while empowering round-the-clock efficiency through auto-scheduled classes. Eliminate cancelled classes, and reduce instructor expenses while offering your members more value with virtual reformer classes all day.

Increase Studio Utilisation

550+ classes

Random class player feature

Class timetable scheduler

Branded screen saver

No Instructor Needed

Unlock the future of pilates instruction.

InstructorPro- Coming Soon

The ultimate reformer pilates class planning software for instructors and fitness professionals. With an extensive library of professionally filmed reformer pilates exercises, intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows you to effortlessly customise every aspect of your class, from exercises to spring change cues, countdowns, and breaks, ensuring seamless transitions and optimal pacing for your clients.







Simplify your studio set up

Turn Key Virtual Studio

Open your own 24/7 reformer pilates studio with minimal overheads. Rival the competitors and offer reformer pilates OnDemand with KiosksPro and ClassPro, giving your members the choice to complete workouts in their own time.



OPEN 24/7




Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at commercial@yourreformer.com.au.

We have 2 options for facilities. One is where you install our kiosk screens to your wall with a reformer placed in front of each screen, and they will play different classes whenever a user selects from the menu. Alternative to this is our studio solution, where the facility will have one kiosk tablet that is connected to TVs that are installed in the studio. This is designed to then play the same class on all screens to allow for a 24/7 on demand studio or to support an instructor visually in a class.

No we do not install to the wall ourselves, our team are not electricians. You will need to install screens using your own contractor. For the studio solution, you will need to purchase the screens separately. Our pre-loaded tablet then easily connects to the wall mounted TVs via wifi connectivity. We will provide instructions to support install.

We will provide you with a tablet that connects to as many screens as you choose to install in your studio. We can consult with you to decide how many you need as it can depend on the size of your studio and configuration of beds.

Our studio solution is designed to play the same class on all screens in your studio. However our kiosk solution would mean each screen plays a different class, at a different time and is connected using Bluetooth headphones.

Our Kiosks are a stand and 21 inch touch screen that host and display our OnDemand classes. Easy to set up, look sleek and very sturdy. They are placed in front of the bed for the user to see easily when performing exercises. Our kiosks are also available without the stand for wall mounted options where set up in location allows.

Our OnDemand solution has over 200 classes available currently. These classes range in length from 15 minute through to 60 minutes. There are 20 class styles to choose from beginners, to more advanced users, including physio-led classes targeting specific ailments.

Yes, we have classes that vary in experience catering for the brand new to reformer, to the very experienced user.

Every week we add new classes.

If you are located within our valet delivery areas, we will deliver and install free of charge. If you are located regionally, there will be a shipping fee associated with this and we will quote individually.

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