Valet Delivery: Explained

Valet Delivery: Explained

What exactly is Valet Delivery? 

Our valet delivery is something special to us. To make Reformer Pilates more accessible to more people, and that we could offer a full service solution, was an incredibly important element to us when we first ventured out in this business. 

Being primarily an online business, we don’t often get to have face to face time with our customers, which means that when we do, it's vital that they reflect our business well. Our delivery team are carefully selected by us to ensure you receive the best experience possible.

Valet delivery from Your Reformer means that once you place your order and we are in a position to dispatch your bed, our team carefully pack it into our YR vans, and bring it into your home, and into the area you have chosen to be your Pilates sanctuary.

They will complete the bed set-up there, and take you through the features specific to your chosen bed, to make sure you know what you are doing.

All rubbish is taken away, and you're left with your beautiful new bed ready to go when you are. 

It helps that our delivery team love what they do too “This is such a great job, we get to deliver to so many different people, locations & see some amazing views. It’s a great feeling seeing the excitement in customers faces when we arrive and set up their ‘Your Reformer’.” Stephen, Logistics Manager, Your Reformer

Meet the delivery teams across Australia:

Metro Melbourne delivery team: Peter, Omar, Luke, Hugh, Sagar, Latham, George

Metro Sydney delivery team: Jared, Ruth, Lachlan

QLD delivery team: Irfan, Kalani, Andy 

Metro Perth delivery team: Jonathan, Christian, Ben

Metro Adelaide delivery team: Ian, Dave 


Does everyone in Australia have access to Your Reformer Valet Delivery?

Australia is a big country, and we simply aren’t able to have a team everywhere right now – maybe one day!

For those outside of our valet delivery areas, know that we do take your order just as seriously, and we are here to help anyway we can to make sure it is as smooth as possible.

From ensuring you know which depot you can collect your bed from, which is usually not as far away as you might think, checking with them if they can deliver to your door and arranging for you if they do.

Making sure you know what to expect when collecting, and the best way to get it into your home.

Subscribe to our Youtube channel and you'll see that we have lots of helpful videos from how to open your box, to how to set your bed up (plus lots more informational videos as well as some fun ones too). We aim to hold your hand the whole way so you're never alone and worrying if you've set something up incorrectly.