Keeping your routine warmed up this winter

Keeping your routine warmed up this winter

With shorter days and unpredictable weather, winter provides us the perfect opportunity to embrace our indoor Pilates practice and set goals to stay motivated and consistent. 

We get it, it can be tricky to find that motivation! Here are our top tips to keep your routine warm this winter: 


Create a warm and cosy space 

Transform your workout space into a sanctuary that inspires and motivates you. Allow touches of nature into your space such as plants and natural light if it's available and bring the outdoor elements to you, while staying cosy and warm. 

Find a playlist you love to boost the mood and get ready to enjoy your workout.  


Practice self-care 

Winter can be a time of reflection and while we tend to retreat inwards more often, it’s a great opportunity to spend rest days practicing something new that nourishes and restores. 

Perhaps that looks like starting a new book, cooking a new warming recipe, or taking a long bath. Allocating time to refuel and replenish our energy is a great way to stay motivated and stick to the rest of your weekly routine.  


Set a realistic schedule 

As the season changes perhaps your routine does too. Have a think about when may suit you best right now to work out and if there is an opportunity to finesse your current routine to make it a better fit over winter.   


Celebrate your wins! 

Discover the little wins you have each week and celebrate them! Acknowledging progress and celebrating you motivates and inspires a continuous practice, and perhaps sharing on your favourite platform can inspire and motivate others too.