The benefits of Pilates for Dancers

The benefits of Pilates for Dancers

Did you know that Joseph Pilates, the creator of Contrology (the classical Pilates method) worked with professional ballet dancers? After moving to America, he opened a studio in New York that shared space with the New York City Ballet and evolved his method to help rehabilitate dancers and other athletes. Joseph believed that a strong and flexible body was essential for optimal performance and injury prevention, and he designed his exercises to target the muscles used in dance and other physical activities. 

Reformer Pilates benefits dancers in so many ways, so this is by no means a complete list! Also, what’s great for a dancer’s body is good for anybody wanting to feel more freedom in movement no matter what your health and wellbeing focus might be!  

  1. Improved posture: Reformer Pilates helps to correct imbalances in the body, which can improve posture and alignment 
  1. Increased strength: The resistance provided by the reformer helps build strength and increase muscle control 
  1. Better flexibility: Reformer Pilates can improve flexibility by stretching and strengthening muscles and improving range of motion 
  1. Reduced injury risk: Reformer Pilates helps prevent injuries through conditioning the body, as well as improving balance and coordination (and preventing injury in the first place). 
  1. Enhanced performance: By improving all of these areas; posture, strength, flexibility, body awareness, and mental focus, Reformer Pilates can help dancers (and anybody for that matter) to perform at a higher level. 

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