Your Reformer Style Series

Your Reformer Style Series

Introducing our Style Series—a treasure trove of styling tips to transform your room into the ultimate Pilates haven. Explore our series of beds, beautifully styled in various homes and spaces, for endless inspiration to elevate your own sanctuary.


Ivory or Blush, our resident stylist breaks down how to style our lightest reformers.  

Let's talk about the magic of colour choices, shall we? Just like selecting that perfect piece of furniture, choosing your reformer bed hue is a decision worth pondering. Luckily, our Reformer Designer and Stylist, Melanie Webster, is here to spill the beans on picking the perfect shade for your home.


Ivory Reformer: The Chameleon

With its neutral base and light timber frame, the Ivory reformer is a true chameleon—it effortlessly adapts to any colour palette. Imagine a room adorned with soft, light hues. The Ivory reformer seamlessly blends in, complementing every ivory accent with finesse. Perfect for a bedroom, the Ivory reformer doesn’t overpower the space's primary purpose. Contrastingly, a darker colored Reformer, such as black, might draw too much attention, creating visual clutter. Moreover, the Ivory Reformer isn't just versatile; it's also a game-changer for those dark, cramped spaces in need of a luminous touch.



Blush: The Sanctuary

For all you soft pink aficionados out there, the Blush Reformer is here to elevate your mood and inspire serenity. This gentle hue works wonders in neutral spaces, injecting just the right amount of colour. It also complements pastel colour palettes beautifully, as demonstrated in this ethereal bedroom space, where similar tones harmonise effortlessly.

These reformers aren't merely eye candy. With their studio-quality leather upholstery, a swift wipe-down keeps them looking pristine. And let's not forget about the light timber frame—sturdy and oh-so-chic, it provides the perfect foundation for any room.



Styling Tips

Now, onto the fun part: styling! Picture blush and lilac tones dancing harmoniously in your space. We've curated a pastel palette in this bedroom to evoke a sense of tranquility. Add textured layers with a rattan basket (hello, storage solution for your mats, weights, and bands!) and voilà—an effortlessly chic Pilates setup. And of course, don't forget the pièce de résistance—fresh blooms. Because let's face it, nothing ties a room together quite like a bouquet of flowers. It's the ultimate finishing touch that transforms your space from nice to absolutely fabulous in an instant.

WATCH: Blush & Ivory styling inspiration