Why reformer Pilates is the hottest fitness trend of 2024

Why reformer Pilates is the hottest fitness trend of 2024

Rapidly expanding in popularity, Reformer Pilates is becoming hotter than ever in the fitness scene! 

Here’s why it’s taking the spotlight in creating the best you in 2024.  

Three magic words: strength, flexibility, and control 

Reformer Pilates that the core principles of building strength, flexibility, and control to new heights. Not only are you challenged physically with its dynamic, resistance based nature, the reformer will assist and support you in performing each movement simultaneously.  

The workout experience 

Providing a full body workout, we often hear reformer Pilates activates muscles participants ‘didn’t even know they had’! as they work towards a leaner, stronger, flexible body, and mind. Reformer exercises focus on key muscle groups targeting stabilisers, where you are bound to feel the ‘Pilates shakes’. The reformer will leave you feeling strong and lengthened, as well as cultivating a sense of calm and restoration as a mindful movement practice.  

Mind body connection 

Living in a fast paced world we often enter the new year at just that, a pace where meeting new year intentions and goals is becoming more and more challenging. Reformer Pilates provides an opportunity to build your best self, nurturing the mind body connection allowing us to slow down internally while we reap in the benefits of an effective workout. The best part is your reformer app has classes ranging from 15 – 50 minutes in length, allowing accessibility and fitting into whatever time you can commit to on any given day.   

Join the movement and discover the transformational power of this invigorating fitness trend in 2024!