Why I love pilates – a Grandma’s perspective

Why I love pilates – a Grandma’s perspective

My mum is a Grandma to 4 boys, 3 years old and under. She cares for them one day per week for my sister and I while we work. To say they keep her on her toes is an understatement. And whilst I’m exhausted after a day with my boys, I can only imagine how she must feel. She has been consistently practicing Pilates on the reformer for quite a number of years now, so I sat down with her to ask her why Pilates is important to her.

Joint flexibility

Reformer Pilates aids her to maintain her flexibility, and she particularly notices this as her joints start to stiffen as she ages. Being able to bend and squat, sit on the floor, and walk laps nursing the babies are just small things that she notices in a big way help her to play and stay ‘functionally fit’ with her grandkids. 

Brain Teaser 

Pilates practices mind body connection, keeping you focused and non-stop thinking about all of the elements in the movement. She loves that it gives her something to focus on, particularly now that she has retired and is no longer ‘exercising her brain’ from her career. 


Pilates makes her feel younger.  It’s well known that consistent movement helps to maintain suppleness, fitness and contributes to life longevity. As you age however, there are less modes of movement that are conducive to the body. Pilates, and reformer Pilates particularly, is one that you can keep doing regularly your entire life! How cool is that?!

Empowerment and strength

Maintaining strength and mobility provides her with greater self-confidence. Confidence in her body to function the way she needs, but also a sense of pride that she is looking after herself and taking her health seriously. She stands just that little bit taller (not just from great posture correction from Pilates) but the sense of empowerment Pilates itself gives her. 

Unfortunately with the lockdowns this year and last, and the many in-studio sessions she has missed as a result, she really has noticed a difference in how her body feels, and like so many of our customers, really misses her classes. 

The good news is that we can unwind the clock again – your body has great muscle memory! Mum is very much looking forward to welcoming her very own YR bed at home soon and getting back to her regular practice and reaping all the benefits above once again!