The benefits of your favourite Pilates workouts, on repeat!

The benefits of your favourite Pilates workouts, on repeat!

Variety is great, but did you know that repeating the same Pilates movements can strengthen the body and mind? Just as life constantly changes, our mindset and energy levels also vary each day. No two Pilates experiences will ever feel the same.

Enhance your technique 

Practice makes perfect. One of the countless reasons we love Pilates is how it keeps us present with so many wonderful things to focus on. Our favourite instructors will remind us to activate our core, how to use the breath, and guide us safely through physical movement, but the reality is, we may only choose to focus on one aspect at a time. Repeating a class gives us an opportunity to focus on something different, taking us closer to perfecting each movement.   

Notice your growth 

Repetition affords us improvements in strength and mobility,  providing an opportunity to connect deeper with each exercise. Repeat your favourite classes and celebrate your progress with us by sharing your wins in the Your Reformer - at home App or posting and tagging us on socials. 

The confidence to challenge yourself 

Repeating a session is a great opportunity to challenge the body and mind in your favourite movements. Perhaps there is something you wished you tried the first time you came across it in a class? You may have chosen the beginner option to pace yourself, unsure as to what challenge was coming up next! Getting to know a sequence can allow confidence to progress springs or move into intermediate territory as we build up our Pilates practice.  


Good news! You can now save your favourite classes on the YR at home App, for easy access to practice your repetition.