R U OK? Day: Reformer Pilates as a mindful practice

R U OK? Day: Reformer Pilates as a mindful practice

Reformer Pilates is a mindful movement practice designed to cultivate presence and awareness, and most of all is a lot of fun! This powerful practice not only allows for focus and alignment during your workouts, but can provide a mind, body and mood boost that can be taken with you from Pilates into everyday life  


Share a class with a friend:

Whether you’re able to work out together or catch up for a debrief walk, connecting with friends through movement is a beautiful way to encourage and celebrate one another, uplift your spirits, and enjoy the journey of good health.  


Breathwork & mind body connection:

Breathwork is a key foundation to your Pilates practice. Syncing breath with movement creates better core engagement, cultivates calm and keeps us in the present moment This is also a great opportunity to check in with you – before and after class, taking a moment to scan the body and slow the breath. Our stretch and meditate classes can be the perfect introduction to this type of practice.  


Regular practice:

A consistent Pilates practice can form part of a self-care ritual that promotes physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Whether its every day or once a week, consistency is the key to a successful movement practice where progress can be noticed and celebrated. The calendar function is a great way to create routine in your at home app, or, simply selecting classes that resonate with you, as it suits, is a great way to boost overall wellbeing.

Don’t have our app? To support R U OK day, we are celebrating movement with free access to one of our favourite mat Pilates classes. You can ejoy this class here.