Practicing Gratitude Its Many Benefits

Practicing Gratitude and it's many benefits

What are you thankful for? Do you consciously think about these things regularly and take stock of the positives that surround you?

Gratitude is an important skill to cultivate and maintain. Bringing awareness to what we sometimes might take for granted in our lives, from the smaller, every day things to the bigger events, creates a knock-on effect that allows us to start recognising and being able to identify more and more of the positives that are everywhere, every day. 

The Resilience Project has some amazing information and tools to help us accomplish this, like this activity from founder Hugh van Cuylenburg.

Give it a go for yourself. Why not have a go at creating your own Gratitude Journal for 7 days answering these questions:
1. What are 3 things that went well today?
2. Who am I most grateful for today and why?
3. What am I looking forward to most about tomorrow?