Mindful in May: A 10 Day Your Reformer Pilates challenge with a long term impact

Mindful movement this May

May is Your Reformer's month of Mindfulness; and what better opportunity to cultivate mindfulness than by incorporating it into your Pilates routine? We have compiled our top tips to help you bring more presence and awareness to your Pilates practice this month.

Check-in with YOU: Before you hit that start button and get into your Pilates workouts, pause for a moment and gently close your eyes. Take a moment to tune in and notice your current state - both physically and mentally. This simple body and mind scan can help you to focus on the awareness and mindfulness needed for a fulfilling and effective Pilates practice. Is the session you were going to work through the one that fits your needs right now? That time to check in with yourself can help to understand the approach you need to take in your practice today, which may differ from what you originally thought.

Focus on your breath: Our breath is a powerful tool that can help you connect your body and mind and stay present throughout your Pilates practice. If you find your mind wandering, simply come back to your Pilates breath. Our amazing YR –At Home app instructors will remind you to inhale and exhale with each movement, helping you stay focused and connected.

It may take some time to develop this connection and synchronize your breath with your movements, but with practice, you'll find that it not only helps your body move more effectively but also brings calmness to your mind. Don't worry if it feels confusing at first - keep at it, and soon enough, it will become second nature.

Practice regularly: Making Pilates a regular part of your routine can bring many benefits, such as feeling more connected to your body, and providing a clearer, more positive outlook on your daily life. Pilates is the perfect way to practice mindfulness throughout the year, and whilst it’s a great skill to start during our Mindful in May month, it’s even better to add to your practice regularly.

Incorporating Pilates into your weekly schedule, whether you’re managing to get into a studio class, or have one of our beautiful reformers at home, enabling you to practice whenever you want, at a time that suits your routine, will help you nurture your mindfulness journey and make small but significant changes to your daily life. We have created our Mindful in May 10-day challenge to help get you started. Open to all our YR – At Home members from the 6th of May, and available to join whenever you’re ready for it.

Join this challenge full of mindful movement to feed the body and soul, and leave you feeling refreshed, reset, and ready for anything.