Journey to Motherhood - In Conversation with Jesinta Franklin

Journey to Motherhood - In Conversation with Jesinta Franklin

Your Reformer encompasses the notion that self-care isn’t selfish, and that prioritising wellness leads to a more mindful, healthy, and rejuvenated you.

Relating on their similar infertility experiences, Your Reformer Founder, Emma Stallworthy, and Brand Ambassador, Jesinta Franklin, share how they both developed a love of gentle, mindful movement through Reformer Pilates - essential to their healing journeys throughout conception, pregnancy and post-partum.

To prioritise the needs of their minds and bodies whilst experiencing their infertility challenges, the high-intensity, strenuous exercise routines that Emma and Jesinta had previously been accustomed to were replaced with the low-impact, body-loving movements of Pilates. 

For both Jesinta and Emma, engaging in Reformer Pilates during pregnancy “isn’t about bouncing back”, it is about “the intention of showing up and doing something for yourself”.

Watch Emma and Jesinta’s full conversation below.