How to set up a home Pilates studio – make your very own wellness sanctuary with YR

How to set up a home Pilates studio – make your very own wellness sanctuary with YR

Okay, some of you, our amazing customers, have been so excited to get started on your YR Pilates journey that you just can’t wait until your beds arrive to set up a space.   

We love this! 

Dedicating some space in your home for healthy, mindful rituals is important, and being able to begin to visualise the space before you even begin to exercise is a very productive way to get into the zone. But... how to do that? 

Check out our top tips for setting up your very own wellness sanctuary at home.  

  •  Slow down and stop. Take plenty of time to identify the space you will be allocating. A spare bedroom, your study, the living room, or even your garage. Whatever space you’re working with, our reformer beds are so beautiful they create a visual feature in any room.  So don’t sweat it if the space you have isn’t magazine-perfect.  


  • Choose somewhere that isn’t exposed to the elements – drafts, rain, dampness or extreme temperatures. Indoors is best. It’s important not only to protect your bed, but to ensure that remove excuses not to work out. 


  • Check the specifications of the reformer you have selected. Map it out, get familiar with the position you’ll put it into, and make sure you have a little space on either side of the bed (approximately an arm span)  



  • Keep it simple.  It’s tempting to include accessories to surround yourself with, but make sure there is nothing on the floor or around your reformer bed to interfere, or that you could trip over. Don’t forget the few accessories that go along with your bed, and perhaps consider storage for these when you aren’t working out. 

Melanie Blair Webster and Melinda Raydan, experts in property styling and layouts at Raydan Blair say:  


“As interior stylists, we are all about creating harmony and balance in a space. Where you work out is no different. Keep it minimal by introducing specific accessories and tones that reflect your personality and essentially motivate and inspire you.

Practical layouts, pops of greenery and a textured rug, will vamp up your workout zone and create an even flow and aesthetically pleasing environment to exercise in”.    

Image of Melanie Blair Webster and Melinda Rayden, interior design experts