How much reformer Pilates should I be doing?

How much reformer Pilates should I be doing?

There is actually no right or wrong answer to this question. It depends on what kind of results you are wanting to achieve, as well as what is going to work in with your lifestyle.

Joseph Pilates, in his book ‘Return to Life Through Contrology’, proposes that for best results, practicing the Pilates method at least four times per week. 

However, as with any form of exercise, consistency is the key to achieving results.  If you know that you can commit to 2 reformer Pilates sessions per week consistently, then that is better than doing 4 one week, and then nothing the following. 

And they don’t need to be long workouts! In fact some studies have shown great results from practicing 20 minutes per day, as a comparison to 60 minutes 2-3 times per week.  

At Your Reformer, we recommend you sit down to map out what your workout schedule can look like each week that you can stick to. Our Founder, Emma, is a big advocate for reviewing this every 1-2 months especially if your life is busy and changes often. She says that you need to be able to adapt to life’s ebbs and flows, and ensure you are committed to your workouts to keep your mind and body moving and well. 

Many of our customers struggle attending multiple Reformer Pilates classes a week in-studio due to work, family and social commitments. Buying a Reformer bed, or renting a reformer bed for use at home has provided them more time, less pressure to get to a physical class, and more flexibility back in to their week. They are now enjoying 1 regular class per week in-studio, and another 3 at home on average. Feedback is overwhelmingly that they’re fitting in MORE regular practice than they used to manage. 

Doing Pilates daily can be difficult to manage for most. When you've made the decision to buy or rent a Reformer bed and you're able to do Pilates frequently, then make sure you vary the intensity and focus of your workouts. That's where our YR OnDemand app is invaluable. Our Reformer Pilates online classes are programmed to fulfil this need - we have a range of class styles and focus areas for this reason. Not only does your body benefit from variety, it keeps you mentally interested and enjoying what you’re doing - which is absolutely half the battle. 


If you’re just beginning your reformer Pilates adventure, then try sticking to 20 minutes, 3 times per week. With our OnDemand App workouts, try a shorter full body workout, as well as a core, and lower body. As you build strength and flexibility, you may find you want to increase your workouts to 30-40 minutes in length or add in another session. It's YOUR reformer Pilates journey, and here at Your Reformer, we're here with you for it.