Spring is in the air

Getting motivated after winter

Has winter got you feeling not so great about yourself? Do you feel you've been too sedentary? Do you think you have been drinking too much? Or just not taking the best care of yourself?

I have spoken to so many people lately who are all feeling one or more of these things.

We all go through patches of having less energy, or motivation, or focus to take care of ourselves. It’s ok, it’s life. But the key is to avoid this being long lasting. Sometimes the hardest part about change, is knowing where to start. The best advice I can give you is avoid trying to change the world overnight. It can be overwhelming, unsustainable, and ultimately set you up for failure.

Bite size pieces is the key!

Start off by picking an easy win. Something you know you can change fast and easily, this will give you a little pick me up because you are in a positive mindset for change. For example, perhaps it’s as simple as going to bed half an hour earlier each night. Or start carrying a drink bottle with you each day so that you drink more water (and reach for the snacks less;))

Another great option is to reach out to a friend and plan to make some changes together. For example, perhaps make a ‘walk/run’ date with a friend once a week to get moving again. Or put your Reformer Pilates workout (there are heaps to choose from in our OnDemand app) in your phone calendar with a reminder the day before, and then 15 minutes before to keep yourself accountable.


Spring into Action 28-day challenge  Our 28 day Spring into Action challenge (starting on the 22nd August 2022) is also great starter – we give you just enough of a plan to follow, with plenty of flexibility in there for you to make it your own challenge, set yourself up for success, and most importantly, can continue on after our set challenge date ends. Once the challenge is officially over, you can always access this (and our other challenges) from within our Your Reformer OnDemand App.



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