Get stretching - the benefits and why

Get stretching - the benefits and why

So many of us do not prioritise stretching in our daily/weekly movement routine, myself included. It's very underrated. There are so many benefits to our body and mind so lets take a look at just why we should make it a habit! 

A bendy body is in fact a healthy body, and less likely to cause strain or injuries. Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. One of the main benefits of stretching, is the prevention of injury! No one wants a sore back when it could have been prevented with some regular stretching. 

Tight muscles aren't just a sign of overuse or physical 'stress' either, they can also be caused from mental stress. Stretching will not only allow you to work against these tight muscles caused due to stress, but will provide you with the mental benefit of slowing down, breathing and being still.

Stretching can be incorporated in a warm up and a cool down of your workout. A warm up may incorporate dynamic stretches, i.e. stretching that involves movement (like you see in Yoga or Qigong), and a cool down is generally recommended for static holds, ideally 30 seconds at least (although any stretching is better than no stretching at all).

At YR, we have some great stretch and meditate programs available in our app that incorporate the reformer. The resistance of the springs can assist in lengthening muscles and aiding in the stretch hold itself.  

Stretching is also a great past time while in front of the TV. Instead of sitting on the couch, why not get down on the floor (or on your reformer bed) and stretch while you're catching up on your favourite series? Your body will certainly thank you for it!