Enhance your Pilates Practice with Props

Enhance your Pilates Practice with Props

Props are a great way to freshen up and challenge your Pilates practice. Whether it’s adding a prop to spice up your favourite movements, or using props to support technique, the opportunity to change the way you experience Pilates lies within the power of props! Here’s a list of our favourites and reasons why we love incorporating them into your classes. 


Pilates Ring

Often referred to as the ‘magic circle’, the Pilates ring offers an opportunity to challenge balance and stability, increase intensity in specific movements and help build strength and resilience in your practice.  You may find this commonly incorporated into classes to challenge your inner thigh muscles and deep core, by placement to the inner legs, to the outer thighs to promote glute activation in bridges or squeezed between palms for upper body activation.  


Pilates Ball

The Pilates ball spices up all things core! A fantastic prop to challenge and deepen your connection to deep core stabilisers, you may find the ball incorporated into the inner thighs, ankles, or under hips or behind thoracic to challenge balance, coordination, and level up your abdominal work.  


Weighted Bands 

Weighted bands are wearable weights, placed on either ankles or wrists during your workout. This prop intensifies any workout, by adding additional resistance to build strength and tone muscle.  


Hand weights

Just like our weighted bands, adding hand weights to Pilates exercises increases resistance adding a strength focus to your workout. Not only that, balance and coordination is challenged with additional movement patterns and muscles groups working together collectively.  


Resistance bands

Also known as the ‘booty band’, resistance bands are often incorporated into classes with a strong focus on the powerhouse muscles, the glutes! If you struggle to activate your glutes in your workouts, or are simply looking for more challenge and intensity, the resistance band is for you. You will also find this incorporated into YR workouts in other ways to engage upper body , inner thighs and core.  



Looking for a little extra cardio? Jump on in to one of our Athletic or Cardio Blast classes where you will find the famous jumpboard apparatus, integrating bursts of higher intensity, low impact exercise to your Pilates workout that targets the whole body.  


Not sure where to start? Our 7 Day of Pilates Props challenge has a taste of everything, with a full length or shorter option class to try.