Customer spotlight: Juliet's experience

Customer spotlight: Juliet's experience

In the second of our customer feature series, Juliet Nicolson, a recently qualified Pilates Instructor, talks about her time renting her bed during her Instructor training and why it helped her complete her course with confidence.

I hired out the Your Reformer rental bed between March and August, to use while I completed my Pilates instructor training with Unite Health. It was so convenient to have at home while practicing my training repertoire and to use with family and friends to gain confidence in teaching others on the bed.
I wanted to have a bed at home to complete my Pilates instructor training course. I had to clock up a lot of self-practice and practice teaching hours on the reformer. Having 24/7 access to my own at-home reformer was the easiest way to complete my studies.
Juliet planking on rental bed
When I was completing my course, I taught family and friends on the bed multiple times per week and also used it for my personal practice almost every day!
I loved how easy it was to jump on whenever it suited me – often I’d use it in my lunch break or before/after work to fit in a quick workout. Having the bed at home allowed me to get super comfortable with not only my course repertoire, but it also allowed me to experiment and take my time learning new movements. After passing my instructing exam I auditioned for studios to teach at and having my own bed at home to test out my audition classes was so helpful and allowed me to feel super confident walking into the studio.
Having a bed at home definitely increased my practice! Now that I’ve sadly said goodbye to my Your Reformer bed, I miss the convenience of being able to use it whenever I want! 
The OnDemand app is great and is the perfect platform to accompany an at home reformer. I love the way the classes are grouped by different levels, and different focuses. Sometimes when I only had a small amount of time to spend on the bed, I would look for a short class which focused on one body part, or other times I’d use a full body class. I also used the app to observe different instructors and their sequencing styles, and to gain inspiration for my own classes when I was first starting out.
Juliet celebrating course completion on YR Rental
I just want to say a huge thank you to the Your Reformer team. My experience with the rental bed was great, I loved how everything was taken care of for me. The delivery team were amazing and so fast, I loved how they set it up for me and it was immediately ready to use! I also loved the quality of the bed itself and the accessories it came with, truly one of the most comfortable reformers I’ve used. In the future I’d love to purchase my own reformer so I can teach 1:1 clients from home, so when that happens, I know who to reach out to!

Whether you're renting or buying your Your Reformer bed, your experience being amazing is what matters. We love that Juliet got the skills and experience she needed to pass her Pilates course with confidence, using one of our beautiful rental beds, and we know she's smashing each of her classes now!

Juliet's on instagram so give her a follow @julietnicolson_ to check out more of her enjoying Pilates and loving life.

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