Celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day

A word from our founder Emma on 2024 International Women's Day.

One of our biggest lessons in business to date is understanding how flexibility in work arrangements can support our team, and has been a big driver in us being able to create an exceptional team of performers, many of whom are women. By leaning into arrangements that are individual to each team member, we have been able to foster an environment of inclusion, and in doing so they are more inspired, empowered and connected. 

Unfortunately we weren’t always this way. Call it maturing and experience, call it the Covid effect, call it becoming a mother, but I have learnt to trust in my team, that they do know what’s best for them to be fully committed to their life goals. 

Aren’t women just incredible? And it’s cliche, but the more varied the background, experiences and personalities, the greater the outcome when you truly listen to one another. This HAS to be the way forward. 

We strive to inspire inclusion at work, but also on the reformer.