Booty bands: Why they are the perfect accessory to spice up your Pilates practice

Booty bands: Why they are the perfect accessory to spice up your Pilates practice

Adding a booty band or resistance band to your Pilate practice is amazing in so many ways. Here's just a few reasons to get you started, and maybe give you a few ideas on how to use yours differently!


Existing Pilates exercises:

A booty band can challenge you whilst working through moves you've been comfortably performing. It'll help you to find and activate the muscle group you're targeting during the exercise so you can work as effectively as possible throughout. Even playing with the resistance level of the band you choose can change an emphasis of how your body works through a once familiar movement for a whole new experience! When used around your thighs, it gives a great booty burn!


New Pilates exercises:

Resistance bands and booty bands can open up a whole new world of exercises you're able to perform, depending on where and how you utilise your bands. Try adding them around forearms during planks and push-ups and using them to strengthen and stabilise your shoulders, as well as around thighs or shins and you'll be amazed at what you find.


On the mat:

Don't have a reformer or are going traveling? Love your matwork and just want to add a little spice? No worries when you have your handy booty bands. They are easily transportable, light and compact... super easy to pop in your bag and take wherever you go! Booty band resistance exercises are just as impactful on the mat, and in standing exercises. Add them into a squat, donkey kick or a clam and feel the intensity ramp up.


On the reformer:

Booty bands on your reformer will add an extra element of concentration and focus. Balance, muscle activation and stability can all be challenged with booty bands during a reformer workout.


Choose to create your own flows with your booty bands, or simply watch this handy booty band starter guide for booty-ful hints, tips and moves to get you started.


We also have a great collection on our OnDemand App for you to follow along to.



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