All about our Online Concierge Team

All about our Online Concierge Team

We pride ourselves on our end-to-end customer service here at Your Reformer, and this simply wouldn't be possible without our amazing Online Concierge team.

We don't use automated bots to deal with your enquiries, as we know your questions are all unique, and need personal, tailored and well thought out responses.

So, instead, we have an amazing team of people, all passionate about Reformer Pilates, specifically trained in our beautiful product range, super knowledgeable about each of our Reformers, and the options available to suit your needs best. 

What do our Online Concierge do? 

For us at Your Reformer, they are the voice that you're talking with. Whether that's on the phone, via our social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube  or even LinkedIn, whether it's via Webchat on our site or a direct email to us, it's a real person, in Australia, at the other end of your query.

We also try and ensure someone is available every day and for as much of the day as possible so you're not left unanswered for too long!

Not only this, but they are the people you'll meet when you book in to a virtual or showroom appointment in our Mornington Studio. 

The Online Concierge is often the first interaction you'll have with us here, and so it goes without saying that they 100% represent our values and core beliefs. Any one of our team knows everything you could possibly want to know about one of our products (and if they don't, they'll work tirelessly until they find the answer for you!). 

Here are just some of the reasons you might want to get in touch with one of our team: 

  • Understand a bit more about a specific reformer's functionality
  • Pricing information
  • Delivery information (from how long it will take, to how it gets delivered)
  • A question about your bed once you have it 
  • To book an appointment to see the reformers in person
  • To pass on great feedback about your experience ;D (we love this one!)

They also work closely with our distribution team to make sure the whole process of your Reformer purchase through to delivery and beyond is super smooth. 


So, in a nutshell, our Online Concierge team is what keeps us providing the best full-service Reformer Pilates experience to you at home.

All in a day's work!

Get in touch with one of the team today!