Finding time for me

Me Time. Why you need it.

Hands up if any of the following resonates with you..

Your day gets away from you and you don’t have a moment to just, sit or take a breath.

You're constantly surrounded by people making demands on your time. Your colleagues, friends and family.

You feel this even more lately with work life encroaching into our homes in a way it never has before.

You are not alone. This is how so many Australians are feeling.


The demands of life today and especially with Covid, can be overwhelming. Running a business, working a job, taking care of a family, participating in social commitments (zoom or face to face), home-schooling. It doesn't let up! There are many balls to juggle, and it's a matter of knowing which ones won't break if you drop them and which ones will.

Prioritising yourself and the things you love is so, so important. You need to ‘fill your cup’ and at the risk of sounding cliched, you cannot pour from an empty cup. How can you expect to take care of other people, hold space for them, fill their bellies, their emotional needs if you have low reserves yourself?

Don't fret. Making me time doesn't have to mean adding something else to your day. It doesn’t need to be a huge time commitment. Swapping out just 5-10 minutes from something else on your list to take for yourself can have a substantial positive impact on your wellbeing.

Of course we’re preachers of exercise as a great me time activity, but if it's not practical, it doesn't have to be.

Try meditation, watch a movie with your loved one, read a few pages of book, go outside and walk barefoot.

Some benefits you can expect to enjoy from doing any of these things include:

  • Being more productive
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving your ability to handle external pressures
  • Improving your relationships
  • Improving your self esteem
  • Greater work life balance

.. and most importantly, a happier, more relaxed you who is not burning adrenalin and becoming fatigued. 

Try it. Just try it for a few minutes a day and just see what happens after a week.


Emma x