Customer Spotlight: Olivia's Experience

Customer Spotlight: Olivia's Experience

We've been talking with Olivia for the third installment of our customer spotlight series. Olivia is another amazing YR community member who not only rented a bed for her Pilates qualification, but works in a studio that use our beds too.

I rented my Your Reformer bed for just over 6 months while I was completing my certification. The studio I work at is now decked out with 10 amazing Your Reformer Beds.Olivia on rental bed - teaser on box

I chose to rent and have an at-home reformer as it was a better fit for my learning, work, and own practice instead of rushing off to a studio for my study.

Olivia with rental bed

I used my bed every single day that I had it. Even if it was a 10 minute stretch, I would jump on, switch my mind off and move my body.

The freedom and convenience of having a bed at home is the best thing. I loved being able to jump on Morning, evening or night. Just whenever I was able to find the time! 
Having the bed at home definitely increased my practice, 5-10 minutes here and there.
I miss my bed so much!



Olivia is on Instagram so follow her Pilates journey with oc.pilates 

Olivia on reformer

We love hearing from you guys about your real experiences with Your Reformer beds. 

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