Your Reformer Delivery Window Queries

YR Bed Home Delivery

Have you received your delivery window and wondered if it can be changed?

Our delivery team operates on tight schedules, and we make every effort to adhere to the delivery time provided in our communications. Our team will send a 20-minute notification when they are approaching your location. 

On any given day, we have 8-12 stops, which unfortunately makes it challenging to adjust delivery times.


What to do if it's not possible to be there at the delivery time:

If it's not possible for you to meet our team, please consider one of the following options. We are eager to find a solution that allows us to deliver your bed while we are in your area.


Can a friend, family member or neighbour meet the team on your behalf?

Yes? Great!  No need to tell us, just make sure you let them know where you would like your bed so they can instruct our team upon arrival.

 YR Bed Delivery

Is there a secure location, such as a back deck, garage, or another safe spot, where we can set up your Reformer delivery for you?

Yes? Please SMS your permission and any instructions to 0427 970 053. Feel free to leave a blanket or cover out if you would like our team to leave your delivery covered.


In some cases, customers leave a key or remote for our team to access a designated spot. Is this arrangement possible for you?

Yes – Please call our logistics manager Steve on 0427970053 with instructions so we can instruct the team.


If you answered no to all the above please contact 0427 970 053 to discuss another delivery day. 

Please note, we are only in your area at certain points during the month. This can vary from 7-14 days in Metro locations and 4-21 days for more regional areas, so whilst we will make every effort to accommodate rescheduling requests, it may not always be feasible to arrange a delivery time close to your original date.



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